Top Positive Thinking Books

Positive Thinking Schooling

You may be wondering, does positive thinking work? Have you spent thousands of dollars on a college education only to find out you are unable to land the type of job that will allow you to pay off student loans?Perhaps you are unable to secure a position in the area of you study. Now you are experiencing doubts about the value of a college degree, realizing that college did not teach you how to succeed, make a living,  or how to be happy.

School of Life

Entering the real world and the school of life, we may discover that we need to take some other courses, such as sales courses, how to win friends, or read and study positive thinking books, resources far more key for real and ultimate success. I have listed 5 books on positive thinking books that can launch you on this journey of self discovery and success in life.

Positive Thinking Books

Think and Grow Rich is a 1937 motivational personal development and self-help book by Napoleon Hill and inspired by a suggestion from businessman Andrew Carnegie. Wikipedia

positive thinking books

The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale (1952) Peale wanted to make the positive-thinking philosophy, once rooted in mystical and magic terminology, palatable for church-going Americans. This minister’s new drum beat made “positive thinking” into a common term via this book. Filled with unique and powerful ideas, Peale’s book stimulated the fields of self-help, religious counseling, spirituality, and became the foundation philosophy for today’s prosperity gospel.

The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles written in 1910. Wattles, a Quaker minister was not interested in “getting rich”  but in building a socially just economy as shown by mass abundance. This concise pocket book combines the New Thought movement’s money-seeking aims with social ideals. This old personal development classic was a key influence on documentary The Secret, which failed to mention the author’s social and civic radicalism. The book highlights the  ideals of the early days of positive thinking.

Personal transformation

Record My Dream!

Writing Your Dream Gives it Power.

It enters the physical world when you put pen to paper! From conceive to beleive, you move into it through your commitment to formulating it in writing. At Dreams to Reality we suggest a 15 word DREAM STATEMENT. Try it, you will find it to be an amazing exercize in enacting the law of attraction!

shhh…the newest secret.

The New Secret, and Law of AttractionDoes the “The Secret” Really Work?

Have you watched “The Secret” and still trying to make it work for you? Believe in The Law of Attraction, but haven’t quite got the hang of it?  Well, There’s a new secret in town. Have you heard about it? If not, keep reading.

First, a question.  If you could write a script to attract your dreams to reality, how much would it be worth to you? Would your need for more money be handled? Would your need for purpose be accomplished? And your desire for true love be fulfilled? Would that be a valuable skill to know?

If so, now you can do it. A new profound writing process fuses the Law of Attraction with your psyche to rock your world! Ever wanted to self-publish a book, or a vision board book? Power up your new reality with 10 simple steps to write and self publish a blueprint for your new life, career, love, or finances.
What is The New Secret? The Secret works, if you work it! Learn how to combine the Power of the Pen and the Law of Attraction to become Author of Your Dreams…LITERALLY. Part I of the Author Your Reality Series gets you ready. Then power through the workbook of your choice—Author Your Dreams, Author Your Career, Author Your Book, or Author Your Relationship to define and attract your dream by publishing the blueprint of your new reality!

The workbook of your choice takes you on a self-discovery journey of 10 steps using a fun, interactive, scientific, self-transformational process. Your published vision board book will be the first PHYSICAL manifestation of your dream entering reality! This self-growth series is taking the motivational and inspiration market by (secret) storm! It’s unique, exciting, fun, doable & transformational. Warning: For only those ready to implement real change in their lives.