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Self Transformation Thru Self-Publishing, Deborah S. Nelson Author Bio

DebNewHeadShotSMALLDreaming and writing—what do they have in common? Perhaps it is Deborah S. Nelson, who has united her two greatest talents within her most powerful personal development book series–Author Your Reality Action Plan.

Her ability to guide dreams to reality inspired Ms. Nelson to invent and author this unique three-part learning series–the first of its kind! The series involved self publishing a book as the final outcome of the curriculum; the workbooks are The Author Your Reality Series.

The Power of  the Pen

This website is about using the Power of the Pen for personal transformation through self-publishing. Ms. Nelson has created this site to bring key leaders in who want to live their dreams–on purpose.

Self Transformation by Writing

Ms. Nelson’s first big dream at 14, was to become a writer. And she fulfilled that dream early on, within her first year of junior high school; where she became the editor of  her junior high school newspaper.

Her next dream was to fund her own college education. Always in love with writing, she made time to write for her college newspaper. She graduated in the “70s, debt free, with a Bachelor of Science from the University of Texas at Austin. Soon after, she joined The Austin Sun, a weekly entertainment and cultural magazine.

Life Challenges Lead to Changing Your Life

In the 80s, Ms. Nelson emerged from a difficult divorce into the role of sole functioning parent.This challenge created just one thing for Nelson, a new dream—to to raise her daughter as a successful, happy, healthy person, not a statistic of a broken home.

Live Your Dreams

This new dream propelled her into a new era, and Nelson started one of the first “home-based businesses,”  As a full-time, on-purpose solo mom,Nelson was able to raise her daughter on purpose. Today, Ms. Nelson’s daughter is living her dreams in NYC as a fashion photographer and shoots for Vogue Magazine, Forever 21, and recently Lily Allen!

Working Women Magazine recognized Nelson in the “90s for entrepreneurial excellence; and she was also selected as a national finalist for Ms. Corporate America 2008–another childhood dream realized. Ms Nelson was also nominated at Entrepreneurial Woman of the Year by the American Riviera Awards hosted in Santa Barbara, California.

Follow Your Dreams

If you are from a broken home, a 3rd world country, or a victimized minority, Ms. Nelson wants you to know that no matter what you can overcome your obstacles and to tell your story and publish your book.No matter what your dream, The Author Your Reality series can teach you the life skill of dream planning. The Author Your Reality Workbooks combined with The Newest Secret help you to identify, own, publish your vision board book.

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